What devices can Tec Ops repair?

We cover most IT hardware. For smartphone repairs we specialise in iPhones, Samsung, Huawei, Oppo, Xioami, Motorola for screens, batteries, charging ports and camera replacements

We repair and improve performance on Desktops and Laptops with extensive knowledge and experience related to MacBook Pro’s Airs and iMacs. We also support and service Windows based computers.

We can provide screen replacements, battery replacements, chargers, RAM upgrades software and operating system updates, malware and virus protection. Set up and configurations of computers is also available.

Drone repairs – Tec Ops is also able to assess and advice the best course of repair for damaged and or malfunctioning DJI Drones. If we can not repair here we have ability to send Drones to DJI Ferntech in Auckland.

We also recover data from damaged hard drives both internal and external hard drives.

If you have another device you would like us to look at, give us a call or email on 03 428 2911 / [email protected].

Can you get data from my computer and or external hard drive?

We have great success reading and recovering data from computers, hard drives, external hard drives.

If we cant recover the data we have a specialist data recovery supplier based in Auckland where we can on send your device to for further recovery attempts.

Data recovery typically attracts a pre payment due to the time it takes us to open and work on your device and various techniques to recover.

Do you sell new computers, iPads, iPhones?

Yes we can source and supply new computers, tablets and phones and we add value to our customers by assisting them set up their new devices and have operational as quick as possible.

Our suppliers of IT devices are approved NZ suppliers of key brands of hardware and all new products come with standard NZ product warranties and cover meaning you can buy through us knowing your device is covered and we can help set up for you.

I think my device ( computer or phone) us under warranty for the issue - can you help?

Yes we can. We will check your device and see if under any warranty with the manufacturers. If you device is under 12 months old you should take back to the location / store you purchased from. If within 12 – 24 months old it is still likely you have a manufacturers cover as well if you purchased this device in New Zealand.

We can help and if able to send away to the manufactures repair facility we will.

There may be an assessment / shipping / handling fee applicable that is payable to Tec Ops for our support.

I have broken the screen on my iPhone - can you replace / repair?

Yes we can help. For iPhones we have apple genuine screens which are the best performing screens, however we can also offer 3rd party manufactured screens which reduce the price of the screen replacement.

Both Apple original and 3rd party screens come with a Tec Ops warranty.

Are Tec Ops Apple authorised in New Zealand?

Tec Ops are independent sales, service and repair business in Wanaka, yet we have years of experience and knowledge to repair, service and support Apple iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, iMacs.

As we are independent we can repair parts and products that manufacturers may not be able to.

If you would like an Apple warranty check and repair, we have the ability to facilitate an in warranty repair as we on send to authorised repair agents in NZ.

We can check the status of your apple warranty and are aware of most Apple recalls, device service warranties that are available for apple devices.

I think I have been scammed, have a virus or malware on my computer - what shall I do?

If you have provided financial info like bank passwords and or credit card details you should contact your bank ASAP so they can block any transactions.

We recommend disconnecting from wifi so your device cannot be used remotely and shutting it down. Then bring in your device where we can run a system check and any malware / virus software to identify and remove threats.

If you believe your emails have been intercepted, then we may suggest that you change your passwords and pin numbers on critical programs immediately.

For pop ups and possible malware / virus protection we have a System Clean service which helps isolate and remove any issues on hardware and your internet profiles.

I need a quote for insurance - is my device worth fixing?

We offer an insurance assessment and report service for damaged devices like phones, computers, iPads and drones. This may include drop damage, liquid damage for example. The assessment includes a report on your device, its issues and if possible to fix. We try to provide device purchase and current market value information so that your insurers can quickly decide on the best course of action.

Our Insurance Assessment and Report costs $139 inc GST and includes any relevant paperwork for the insurance company, and any follow-up questions they might have. The insurance company will normally refund you for this fee as part of the claims process, however you do need to check with them.

Do you need my pin no or lock code? What about my privacy?

Yes, we do like to request and get access to the passcode or password for pre-work and post-work testing on a phone and or computer. This allows us to be more professional and thorough in our testing and service of your device. Unless we are performing a system upgrade or transfer we do not backup your data, and we never look through your files unless specifically requested to.
If there is any sensitive information on your device, you are welcome to remove it beforehand.

If you do not feel comfortable to provide your log in and or pin password, we respect that. We just cannot fully test your device and cant be held responsible for not being able to check all typical functions if we do not have the ability to check etc.
Alternatively we can allow you to shadow the technician during the assessment time when we need the Pin no / Passcode so you can input your credentials directly.

Why should I use Tec Ops over other IT service repair and Smartphone repair businesses?

We have years of experience dealing in Smartphones, Computers, Desktops and Drones.
We keep a huge selection of parts for repairs in stock.
We can offer a very fast turn around with highly experienced technicians.
We have pride in our work, and offer a warranty on most of our repair work.
We know what we are talking about, passionate about technology and will offer you the best advice.

What are your assessment and insurance report charges?

If we need to assess a device before providing a diagnosis of issues and repair, we charge the following assessment chargers. In our assessment we provide a minimum of 30 minutes to 1 hour of review and where stated may cover sending your device to a specialist repairer facility out of Wanaka. The assessment chargers are seperate to any repair costs needed.

We also offer an insurance report assessment service.

  • SmartPhone assessment $49 inc GST
  • External Hard Drive assessment $49 inc GST
  • Computer assessment $79 inc GST
  • Liquid treatment – Phone $90 inc GST
  • Liquid treatment – Computer $140 inc GST
  • Insurance assessment and report $139 inc GST
  • Drone assessment $99 inc GST
Is the repair guaranteed?

We always try to provide a warranty and or guarantee with our work and repairs for smartphones and computers, however this depends on what we actually completed as part of our repair, service works.

For new parts we provide 3 months parts warranties.
If the work we have completed is linked to a liquid damage device we are unable to provide any warranty due to potential risk of additional issues linked to the damage.

We do not supply a warranty or guarantee for software, applications and programs on a customer device.

I have spilt liquid on my phone and or computer and it is not working - can you help?

Yes we can! Tec Ops offers a Liquid damage assessment service for liquid damage devices. We open your device and provide a treatment in the device to remove visible liquid and corrosion. We spend about 3-4 hours working on the areas we suspect and can see have issues. We sometimes use a device called an ultrasonic to place your Mainbaord and IC components into, this device helps remove any liquid residue which may affect the components operating correctly.

After we have completed the treatment process we rebuild your device and start testing it with power.
Please note, we offer no warranties and guarantees for liquid damage devices but have an array of techniques and spare parts to try to get working again and or recover data.

If your device is beyond recovery we can also provide an additional insurance report for you.

What does refurbish iPhone/ MacBook mean?

Tec Ops sells a variety of smart devices both new and refurbished. Refurbished device really means you are purchasing where someone else has previously used the device, but through an upgrade, change of circumstances, end of lease, swap, market purchase, we have now the ability to sell the device.

Refurbished IT products are an excellent way for a customer to get a great phone or computer without the price tag of a new device.

We sell refurbished iPhones, Samsung phones, MacBooks, iPads, iMacs.

Tec Ops checks, updates, replaces any parts and hardwares on our refurbished products before we sell to customers. Tec Ops also provides a back to Tec Ops warranty for our refurbished products so we are confident on their history and future performance.

We are regulated and have a 2nd hand dealers license for NZ, so customers are purchasing with surety we are professional and genuine.

We do not sell stolen and or faulty goods.

I am trying to sync all my devices ( MacBook, iPhone, Ipad, Imac) together and share information - do you offer a service to help?

Yes we can help configure and set up your devices leveraging the benefits of iCloud and other information sharing platforms.

This is chargeable service we offer and our technicians can be booked for 30mins / 60mins or longer technical support sessions.

We always recommend the customer brings / has available all devices, passwords, pins etc and a list of desired outcomes so we can quickly work through and achieve the outcomes.

I have broken the screen on my Laptop - can you replace it / repair it?

We can replace screens for most laptops. We may need to order in the replacement screen and frame based on model and availability.

Based on the price of some manufacturers screens and if “ Retina display” models it may help you if we also provide an insurance report so that you can work with your insurers on the costs of the replacement screen and fitting.

Our pricing for screen replacements include the hardware needed and the fitting as well, so a total price.

Can I book a call out for you to come and help me with my computer / desktop or general IT support?

Yes Tec Ops can do IT support call outs to home users, businesses within the Wanaka region. We can asses devices, assist with set up and configurations and provide general IT support.

Please contact us on 0800622677 or email us on [email protected] for further details and timings available.

What if I don’t know what’s wrong with my Smartphone, iPad, or MacBook/ Computer?

We offer an assessment service so that customers get us to review their device and advise what we find and possible ways to remedy and fix the issue.

The assessment covers hardware and software issues. We have assessment charges based on the device and time it takes to review the device which are payable.

Will I lose my phone, computer, devices data during a repair? Can I prevent this?

While you are unlikely to lose any data for common repairs like screen and battery replacement, we do recommend that you backup your Phone, iPad or Computer, before bringing or sending it to us. For your Apple phone or tablet we recommend using iCloud to backup, and for Mac computers we recommend using Time Machine and or iCloud. If you would like us to complete a back up of your device to our systems we can do this for a fee.

How long does a repair normally take? I’m in a rush, what’s the quickest?

Most smartphone repairs take no longer than 1-2 hours. As we have multiple technicians we do take drop in phone repairs.

For computers we try to assess the issues within 1/2 work day and have the work completed within a 24-48 hour timeframe if parts are available.
Where possible we also ways advise our customers the course of action needed and the timeframe it will take ASAP.

If you would like a dedicated technician to provide a repair in the fastest professional timeframe, we can do this, we would need to be contacted on 0800622677 to arrange and price accordingly.

One of Tec Ops additional services we can offer for our customers is to provide loan phones/loan computers which allow contact and work to continue while your device is with us. They’re maybe a charge for these devices which we will advise at time of request.


Courier Repairs

What’s the process for courier repairs?

Tec OPs is pleased to offer a courier repair service for customers who are not located in Wanaka. We service customers and their devices from all over New Zealand.

All you need to do is package up your phone and or computer including any relevant detail of issues / contact details and return address then courier to us at 24 Dungarvon Street, Wanaka 9305, 0800622677.

Once we receive your device we typically let you know it is here via phone call and or text message and we contact you if there are any questions we have on issues etc.

We then start the assessment and repair based on contact and approval with you.

Once the repair is completed we send you and invoice via email for payment and or you can pay for the repair via credit card.

Once the payment for the repair is received, the device is placed into a return courier box/ bag and collected to bring back to you.

We typically use Courier Post for our courier returns.

What if I don’t know what’s wrong with my Phone, iPad, or MacBook/ Computer?

We offer an assessment service as a first step as a chargeable service. Once this is completed we let you know what is the best course of action and pricing.

You can decide to proceed or not based on the assessments findings.

What happens if something goes wrong?

If we encounter an issue with your device whilst in our care it is our responsibility to contact you and advise what has happened and work on the best course of action. We have highly trained technicians and processes to protect your device and its data.

We don’t cover data loss on customers devices due to the various reasons the data may have been lost prior to arriving at Tec Ops.

Tec Ops takes the utmost care when handling repairs.

Can you ship to PO BOX addresses?
No – but we can send care of a post office attention you.
How do I stop my Phone, iPad MacBook/ Computer getting damaged in transport? Who’s liable for this?

Ensure it is packaged properly and use bubble wrap if possible. The courier company insures its tracked items but only if it is packed well in the first place and pending their terms and conditions. And transportation damage is taken up with the courier company.

How long does it take?
We return with ‘next-day-delivery’ the day we receive it where possible. Our courier picks up at approx 3pm Monday to Friday.
I need my phone back asap! Can I get an express fix?
Yes !- We know how important your phone is to you. Because of this all repairs are typically same day repair. We will always do our best to get your phone back asap fixed and functioning.
Does the free return shipping include free to Rural addresses? How long should Rural take?
Yes, our free return shipping includes rural delivery. Delivery times are solely dependent on the courier company. We recommend allowing an extra day for rural delivery.
Is the repair tracked? What if it goes missing?
Yes the courier is tracked. If it goes missing or does not arrive within the expected time frame, you should phone the courier company with the tracking number.

As we are independent it is important to understand that by working on your device we will void any remaining manufacturer’s warranty.
If your device is under warranty then we recommend contacting the manufacturer first.
If your device is produced by Apple you can check your warranty status at: