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Tech Check Assessment


Computer running slow?


Possible Virus or Malware on your computer?


Laptop battery not lasting?


Need to update software and operating system?

Is your computer, laptop or phone not performing like it used to?


We have designed the IT Tech Check assessment for small business, students and home users who are short of time and who would like their computer, tablet and IT devices checked over if they have been struggling with performance.

We service and provide support to most I.T. technology and devices, covering most hardware platforms (Apple, Windows, iPads and Smart phones) and applicable softwares.


(and your home wifi too)

Desktops & Laptops



WiFi and Network

The Tech Check assessment will cover:

  • General performance and speed of device including Hard Drive storage, capacity, health
  • Battery capacity and performance
  • Software and operating system check, Malware and or Virus check
  • RAM and processing power review

Next Steps?

With our Tech Check service we can come to you and pick up (if you’re in the Queenstown region) or you can bring your device to us for assessment.

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Delivering on-site coverage anywhere in the Queenstown region, our Support team will come to you.

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Supporting you via internet

We provide remote support for our clients anywhere in New Zealand. Just book a call and we will securely connect to your computer and start troubleshooting problems.

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